Stylish Ideas For Your Press Release Submission Sites

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  • tylish Ideas For Your Press Release Submission Sites

  • Business and news websites:

  • Submit to local news sites. These are generally the most credible, but they can also be difficult to break through with a press release. You will likely need to reach out directly if you want coverage from these sites because there isn't much room for new content on them (unless you're writing about something really big). This can be especially true for niche or small business-oriented news outlets like those focused on your industry or city.

  • Submit to niche/small business related websites. submit press release online 

  • There is often room for more than one story in these publications—and if not, then at least one story every now and then will give your company some exposure without being overwhelming or too busy for any single writer's attention span!

Google is superior to all of the above

Google is the best place to submit your press release. Google News is the most popular news aggregation site, with more than 50% of all searches done by people around the world being done on this site.

Google News has a high Alexa ranking (which measures how many sites link back to it), which means that most people are likely aware of it and will be looking for articles about your subject matter if they don't already know about it themselves. submit a press release Additionally, since Google News links out to other sources like Facebook and Twitter as well as other websites in general - this makes it very easy for potential clients or employers (or even just friends) who might not use social media platforms themselves but still want access thereto through search engines such as Bing/Yahoo! Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Place your press release in several hubs.

The best way to get your press release seen by as many people as possible is to submit it in several places. There are many websites that accept submissions, and each site has their own strategy for how they will display a press release. Some websites may only allow you publish one or two pieces of content per day, while others might allow you to submit multiple pieces in order to increase the chances that someone will see your work.

If you have any questions about which sites are right for you, feel free to ask us at [email protected].


In short, there are a lot of places to submit your press release. It’s not as simple as one-to-one. In fact, most of the sites we listed above are interconnected and work together in some way or another. press release submission sites The key to finding a good distribution hub is finding one that fits your needs and has the right amount of traffic so people will actually see it! If you have any questions about what works best for you please contact us at

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