Press Release Series: Circulation

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Press Release Series: Circulation

The press release distributionyou release can make a a huge impact on your business provided they are written and distributed correctly. This is why the largest PR firms charge many thousands of dollars perform the job for you. Many small-sized enterprises don't have enough money to hire a PR agency and are required to complete the task by themselves.

In the initial installment of my distributepress releaseSeries, I explored the elements you should put in place prior to the time your copywriter creates their press releases. What about distribution? Copywriters do not offer distribution services because they're already writing! Therefore, I consulted two industry experts for their knowledge of press release distribution.

Steven Spenser is the principal of Praxis Communications. He is also an editor and writer at The Associated Press and Seattle Times. Carla Mata-Sprinkles is the chief for Creative Communication Services, which provides PR and marketing services specifically targeted at furniture companies. While Steven offers a global perspective from an editor's point viewpoint, Carla understands the world of small-scale markets. Together, they laid out the necessary steps for efficient publication of press releasefor distribution.

1. Find the right print and online media that will appeal to your targeted audiences.

Carla"This could be one of the longest-running elements of managing the distribution of your press releasedistribution service. It requires thorough, accurate research that starts on the internet with relevant key words. If you're interested in contact with local target media and also, I would suggest making contact (via phone contact) and contacting an agency in your area (i.e. the local Chamber of Commerce). Inform them that you're not local but you have something that's pertinent to their region. Also, ask them if they have any local publications that could have an interest in the story. If they're not able to provide any suggestions, they'll probably direct you in the to someone else who will recommend local publications that you'd be unable to find."

Steven"Submit the release direct to: 1)) the specific trade press or media outlets catering to that particular demographic of people in both offline and online formats;
2) vertical-industry websites (and pubs) which typically publish information relevant to professional audience;
3) blogs (and the often overlooked section of newsletters) that cover your field;
4) social-news aggregators , such as Mashable, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, etc.
5) general-purpose news websites (e.g.,;
6) the websites of radio, print, and television news media outlets and
7) directorsies, engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Bing, among others.

Discussion boards are popping up each month, and many are designed by and specifically for certain industries. Start by joining, then participate in discussions, and after which - once you've established yourself as reliable - post your information on these forums."

2. Choose the appropriate person you can speak to in a newspaper. Contact them prior to sending your best press release distribution services.

Each of Carla and Steven are of the opinion that it is recommended to look on the publication's online or in print issues to find the contact details for editors or reporters details. If you're not sure who to contact phone an organization and "speak with someone about your story/ press release distribution servicesand obtain the contact information that way. You will FOR SURE reach the right person then AND, just as importantly, not get on anyone's bad side by sending them a story that isn't relevant to them."

3. Submit properly. Do you want to pitch or release a press release?

Carla: "Email with 'For Immediate Release' or 'Urgent' (with the press release's, hopefully, engaging title to follow) are the best forms."

Since Carla has built connections with editors in her industry, many of her contacts have been with her for a long time. They know her name and know the press releases she sends out will be of interest to them. However, Steven is specific about cold email sales insisting that compelling subject lines are crucial to get an email read:

Steven: "Yes, you are almost always guaranteed to receive more attention when the journalist who whom you're pitching knows who you are. But you'll still have to personalize your email message to suit the specific audience for whom you're pitching.

Writing compelling subject lines that will lead to opening an e-mail takes a lot of ability. For effective use subject lines should be as short and appealing as is possible. Do not use the headline for a best press release distribution, it will fill your subject lines."

In addition, as an overall rule it's recommended to provide an url to the announcement on your website's Press Center section-which had better be filled with all the information a journalist would ever need regarding your business. The purpose in your pitch should be to convince your journalist's attention by clicking the link. Make sure you cover every newsworthy reason why the journalist, as well as her audience(s) are attracted by your article."

While Steven insists on not publishing a release as attached files, reporters from smaller markets, such as Carla's, are fine placing releases into the body of emails. Make sure that you are aware of your target recipients.

4. Follow up, follow-up Follow up, follow up.

Carla"We've discovered that the key to success lies in to follow up. Media has thousands of stories that need to be considered. If you don't follow up, it's likely to be missed. It is essential to follow up often and again, should you need to. If you don't follow up, don't expect anything. If you follow up, we've seen stories that ran for up to four months after the submission. It's incredible how a simple phone call can accomplish. Do not rely solely on emails. If you're polite and courteous, journalists and editors will appreciate your call."

Steven"Clients who are new to the field of public relations typically believe that sending out a best press releasedistributionwould suffice to get their phones going off. In the modern world, "If you [send] it, they will come" isn't the case anymore. The press release is essential as a background for your pitch, however it's not a substitute for pitching. While a lot of places print what you provide them with however, you cannot rely on them; you need to follow-up with recipients. This is why each press release is dependent on the follow-up contact."

It is true that distribution takes time and effort, however, if small firms follow this insight from industry experts that their press releases are more likely of being picked up by the media and drawing interest.

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